The Hilt's Burden
The first instalment of the Magmari Trilogy and debut YA fantasy novel from N. E. Cameron.
Two wars are brewing. 
 A group of powerful beings known as divynors band together against evil—some on the run, some in hiding, and others training with the Magmari army. 
 In the east, the kingdom is ruled by a tyrannical king with plans for total eradication of divynors. 
 And in the west, mysterious evil, Nemesis, is bent on forcing a better world. Even if that means destroying all life—divynor and human in the process. 
 Some believe Nemesis only a myth-others, claim to have seen otherwise. 
 Will this unlikely group of heroes succeed in their mission? Or will they tear each other apart first? 

 WARNING: They're not special. They haven't been chosen. But they are trying.

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